As you may have heard, MSSU in Joplin, MO (Southwest Missouri) is having a difficult struggle with the school President and Board of Governors in regards to their nondiscrimination policy. They have been asking for the Board to approve adding sexual orientation and gender expression to the school nondiscrimination policy. After a Board member’s homophobic slur and resignation from the Board, the fight has gotten bigger and more difficult. After weekly sit-ins and protests, Student Senate and Faculty Senate support, and consistent work, the President and the Board are making it very clear, in both action and voice, that they will be ignoring the organization and school support.

On Day of Silence 2010, the GSA at MSSU is asking other GSAs across the state to be silent not just in honor of the silence of LGBTQ folks across the state, but particularly the forced silence of the LGBTQ students at MSSU.

SO… Queers and Allies are sending troops to MSSU campus to help show our support. We would LOVE other campus groups to come and show their support for this campus. Sign’s would be beneficial to this as well. Let’s not let what happened on the UCM campus to happen at MSSU before they add a zero tolerance policy. We will be leaving Warrensburg no later than 10am the day of.. other groups are encouraged to go as well. If everyone would like to meet in Warrensburg and then make a car parade that is fine as well. I encourage other groups to wear their t-shirts if they have them to show the RANGE of places we all come from and the joint effort of all GSA’s through out Missouri.

We hope EVERYONE can attend. please spread this to ANYONE who would be interested in increasing their numbers and showing our support for the amedment to their non-discrimination policy.